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Tethered Membrane Starter Kit


The Starter Kit is recommended for first time users of tethered bilayer lipid membranes.

It contains a complete set of equipment and reagents create membranes and measure their conductance.


  • one tethaPod

  • ten coated slides

  • ten flow cell cartridges

  • one vial of mobile layer lipid

  • assembly jigs

  • one Test Plate control


Product code SDx-K1   

tethaPOD  -  membrane conductivity reader

tethaPod is a conduction reader with that connects to a tethaPlate six electrode cartridge. The tethaPOD produces a 20mV AC signal with a frequency range from 0.1Hz to 1kHz. Measurements of the electrical properties of the membrane such as conductance and capacitance can be made in six wells in the same experiment allowing the study of conductance changes resulting from the insertion of ion channels into the membrane. Offset voltages of +/- 0.0 to 0.1 V may be applied.

On USB port to your computer provides both the electrical power to drive the reader and allows for flexible data analysis and display.

Product code SDx-R1

tethaPLATE  -  six electrode flow cell cartridge


Each assembled tethaPLATE cartridge contains six independently accessible gold electrodes in flow cells with contacts to connect to a tethaPOD reader.

tethaPLATEs are supplied as a fsix well flow cell cartridge and a polycarbonate slide (25 x 75 x 1 mm) with six gold electrodes pre-coated with a chemically tethered benzyl-disulphide-bis- tetraethylene-glycol-mono-phytanyl lipid monolayer membrane on the gold surface.

The tethaPLATE is assembled from the components with the assembly jigs provided prior to the addition of the mobile lipid layer to create the tethered bilayer membrane.


Product code SDx-T1 and SDx-T10    

tethaQUICK software


Software for processing the data from the tethaPod and displaying basic conductance and resistance measure as well as Bode and Niquist plots for more in depth analysis of the data.


Product code SDx-B1          

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